Why San Micros ?


Why San Micros?

We are experts in Hardware, PCB and Software Development. We provide our services to our valued clients and we would like to count you among them.

If you find yourself in a development plan that is too short or too complex to be delivered by the team on hand, you are not alone. Of course you have considered the option to hire contractors or to outsource the work, but you’ve identified risks, for instance:

  • Will you be getting a quality engineer?
  • Will you regret not having the development experience “in house”?
  • Can you contain the costs?
  • Will the job be done right?
  • Won’t it cost more to have San Micros do the work?
  • How will you resolve issues that occur immediately after delivery?
  • What about 3 years after delivery?

Will you be getting a quality engineer?

Our engineers are experts in their fields. All are principal engineers with a minimum experience threshold of 16 years related industry experience. Really.  We have no junior engineers.

Will you regret not having the development experience “in house”?

On the contrary, our clients often tell us that they understand their designs better when we complete the design. We thoroughly document all and deliver accurate and abundant documentation design. All work is kept under revision control for an understanding of the changes to the design over time. We keep this archived (with your permission) so that you can have it available in the future.

Can you contain the costs?

We can. Unless our client requests otherwise, we usually quote a fixed price for our jobs. Because we are all highly experienced in our fields, we’ve become very good at estimating the effort and duration or our projects. This allows us to provide fixed price/ fixed duration proposals for your jobs. You will know up front what the cost of a successfully completed project will be.

Will the job be done right?

In short, “Yes!”  We have a 100% return rate of customers that have come back to us with additional projects. We do this by assigning principal engineers to the job and following a thorough engineering process to understand, document, and execute the design. The way we see it, doing a job right is the only way to do it. We will not take on a job unless we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Won’t it cost more to have San Micros do the work?

We won’t know until we quote the work for you, but often the answer is “No”.  Our total cost is usually lower for reasons already stated:

  • We are already highly trained and do not require ramp up time
  • We work quickly
  • We do the job correctly the first time, saving costly respins of the hardware

How will you resolve issues that arise immediately after delivery?

We always allocate time to assist in the integration of our designs. The design is not done until you are satisfied with the result.

How will you resolve issues 3 years after delivery?

This is an important question and is often overlooked in outsourcing a design. First, you should know that we warranty all of our work for 1 year after delivery.  You engage us to do a job right and we are determined to ensure that it is. If something is wrong, we will fix it. Second, we thoroughly document, automate, and revision control all of our work. This makes pulling a design from the archive a straightforward task, whether that design was completed 3 months ago or 3 years ago. And lastly, we are here to stay. Not only are all of our engineers principal engineers, they are also all owners of the company. We are all committed to strengthening Foresys. When you need us again, you should expect to be able to talk to the same engineers who initially completed the project. San Micros maximizes continuity. If you need Hardware, PCB, or Software services, San Micros is a smart choice for your success.