PCB Design

PCB Design:


If you have the need for PCB design, San Micros can help.  We have designed large 22-layer boards with high-speed SERDES and over 15,000 components to small GPS/GSM Module PCBs designed to fit in 25mm x 25mm box. Our principal level engineers have the experience necessary to quickly and accurately complete your design.

San Micros provides the following PCB development services:

  • System Architecture
  • Component Selection
  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout
  • Export 3D Model to Mechanical Engineers
  • BOM Management
  • PCB reverse engineering
  • PCB re-engineering – technology/design review, cost-reduction, obsolescence

These are just some of the architectures and technologies we frequently design,

  • Design Technology: High power, multi-gigabit, controlled impedance, matched length, analogue, digital, mixed signal, RF
  • Electronic Architectures: SDRAM  – DDR3 – USB – SGMII – RGMII – SCSI – SATA – PCIe – DVI – HDMI – Ethernet – LVDS – CAN
  • Packaging: Fine pitch BGAs (0.4mm upward) – High Pin count BGAs (1750+) – LCC – QFN
  • Manufacturing: HDI / SBU and microvias, exotic materials, Via In Pad, Copper filled vias

But if you don’t see what your next project requires, don’t despair, just contact us.

Although we excel in delivering turnkey designs that include all of the above services, we also engage clients by performing only a subset of these services. Regardless, we become an extension of your development team and work closely with your engineers. When we develop a turnkey system, we deliver a working prototype with complete documentation. We support our clients; call us any time after the project is complete and we’ll be here to help.

Often our PCB designs are coupled with other services we offer, including Hardware and Software Design. When our projects include multiple disciplines, you gain the benefit of having us perform the integration on our end, delivering a fully tested system to you.

Our engineers have completed complex designs for Telecom, Broadcast Media, Security, Video, GPS/GSM Tracking, automotive and defense industries. Either Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB or Altium Designer EDA tools may be used depending on client preference and/or design suitability